Training Sessions

You are earning well and paying your taxes. When the need arises, you seek to buy a house. If your friend tells you, you buy an Insurance cover. When your bank balance is too high, a Financial 'Planner' seeks you for 'Higher' returns! Is this a way to deal with your hard earned money.

History teaches that earning money is hard, but it is even harder to retain it! In a post-global world, professionals and employees enjoy a high standard of living and a high degree of disposable income.This has created immense opportunity for investment. Of course it goes without saying that investments need to be profitable while our capital remains safe.Individuals are routinely plagued by misleading solicitations from ‘Financial Planners’ with dubious credentials. So also are companies, needed to negotiate the pitfalls of faulty investments and projects!

Why does this happen? The answer is that unfortunately, we do not take understanding money seriously. We must ask ourselves, are we Financially Literate? It is not sufficient to just engage a finance professional, we must develop a comfort with basic financial terms like ‘Time Value of Money’, ‘Intrinsic Rate of Return’ etc.

The aim of these sessions is precisely that! Across corporate echelons, there is a great need to understand Finance. These modules aimed at empowering an educated decision making about all things Finance!

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