Module - III : Management Interaction

This module focuses on Corporate Executives who hail from non-finance background but their profile makes it imperative for them to understand the modalities of Financial Domain. This is 3 days intense workshop whose scope is far broader than the personal finance features discussed earlier.

  • Cost of Capital... Understanding procurement of the funds and the rates of returns on Corporate Finances
  • Analysis of Investment Proposals.... Capital budgeting, Financial modeling techniques, sensitivity analysis and other tools of Project Report Preparation.
  • Corporate Taxation... Direct taxes. Special focus on the provisions specifically related to your business and certain common provisions such as Alternate Minimum Tax
  • Corporate Taxation... Indirect taxes. Understanding the elementary concepts of VAT, Service Taxes and Excise, based on the industry, audience is functioning in.

Duration: The duration of this course shall be flexible. The modules and the extent to which we explore them, can be chosen through mutual interaction. This work shop shall range from 2 - 3 days residential course to 6 to 8 weekends regular meets.