Module - II : Day Long Training

This session, too, revolves around the personal investments aspect of the staff. However, going a step further from previous, this would be a detailed session where the participants would do practical case study discussion and quantitative solution on the various aspects mentioned above.

Principal components of the Workshop shall include the earlier components and case studies from the following areas shall be added...

  • Personal Taxation... Special focus on Salary, Capital gains and Income from House Property
  • Investment... Determine rate of return of your Investment Compare various Investment with each other and make the Best choices
  • New Avenues... Case-by-case discussion on each traditional and non-conventional investment avenues and its modalities.

Duration: 3 Sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours to be followed by half an hour of Question &Answer session.

Batches: A day-long workshop with not more than 30 participants.