A & A provides an integrated package to maintain your accounts. Beginning with data entry, it’ll provide timely reports, ensure periodic VAT return filing, generate monthly payroll statements and prepare your annual income tax returns. Thus, this is a 360o records-keeping solution for your organisation. Focus on your core area and let us take care of the drudgeries of accounting !

Though it is advisable to use integrated package, you can also opt our module-based services.

Integrated Book Keeping Services.

In accounting, a correct data entry, properly classifying all the components of transaction, is the key of entire reporting and planning exercise. User-friendly reports at an agreed upon time intervals is our committed deliverable. Over a period of interaction, we shall aim to ensure Real Time book keeping for your organisation.

Module - I : Payroll Statements

The employee remuneration activity needs to take care of several important deductions and its report preparations. We’ll ensure that Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, Tax and other deductions are correctly worked out and provided for, while we identify the amount of payment to employee.

Module - II : VAT Returns Preparation

Any business activity inevitably invites applicability of indirect taxes. In the event of purchases and expenses, it is important to get them recorded properly. During sales, we have to apply them correctly while invoicing. Finally, their net impact needs to be correctly accounted for. A & A shall record the VAT related transactions and prepare the periodic reports. This would help you generate timely reports to be filed before necessary government department, claim refunds, if any, at your earliest and fulfil the liability, if any, without inviting interest costs.

Module - III : Tax Reports

We can prepare the tax Reports for your entity, based on the data you have available. We can draw the requisite data from you books of accounts or from your bank statements, together with supporting documents/explanations.

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